Markets By Audience

At Aviad® we fly your message directly in front of viewers at sun drenched beaches, concerts, sports, racing, conventions, and outdoor events.

Aviad’s Skyboard® Banners and Skywriting reach highly targeted audiences with remarkable efficiency, making aerial media an attractive option for a wide range of campaigns. Aviad® can help you raise awareness, generate traffic, and increase the value of your brand. Our national and multi-national programs reach viewers numbering in the millions per day, at exceptionally low costs per impression. Listed below are the primary advertising markets where aerial media is traditionally employed.

Spring Break

Spring Break is one of the most powerful and efficient ways to take advantage of the huge buying power and influence of College students.

Aviad can deliver over 50 Million impressions to this key audience during the period. Key beach venues include the following:

  • Panama City Beach
  • Daytona
  • Miami – South Beach
  • So. Padre Island
  • San Diego
  • Lake Havasu


College students, 54% male – Age 18-24 – 250,000 viewers per day per area.


Aerial Media flight circuits can be flown year-round in popular California and Florida beach areas. Otherwise, Memorial Day through Labor Day for other beach locations. July-August timeframe is best in Europe.


53% female + younger age groups. Up to 1.8 million viewers per market. Up to 10 million viewers daily with national programs.

Sporting Events

Aerial Media flight circuits at stadiums per allowed aviation regulations (Certain NFL, MLB, NASCAR events require departure 1 hour before event). EU flight regulations vary by country and event.


Specific to event – 55,000- 250,000.

Outdoor Events

Aerial Media flight circuits at Celebrations, Conventions, Cultural and Music Events – Coachella Music Fest, Comic-Con, X-Games, Fireworks, Parades, Chinese New Year, etc.


Specific to event, typically 150,000-350,000 viewers per flight


Aerial Media flight circuits over crowded traffic routes and crowds in major urban areas (AM and PM).


General Audiences – to 150,000 viewers per flight. NASCAR average: 150,000 viewers – 36% female