The future of marketing is integrating multiple media together.

– Advertising Age

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Aviad Spotlight: Win a Love Message in the Sky

For years, Cornetto has been the leading brand of prepackaged ice cream treats in Europe. With sales stagnant, they looked to reinforce the Cornetto brand with an integrated media campaign including prizes and social media. Aviad provided a novel solution: Use Aerial Media for the Prize. Customer research indicated that an aerial text banner flown overhead with a private “love message in the sky” was far more exciting than traditional premiums like iPods, mobile phones or other typical, if expensive, prizes.

In the first month alone, over 300,000 entries arrived in Italy. Similar figures registered in France. 70 jubilant winners then received personalized aerial text messages flown in the sky to their loved ones and friends at events in Reggio Calabria and Rome, Italy; and in luxurious Deauville, St. Tropez and Isle d’hyeres in France. The contest was promoted with posters and TV ads, receiving immediate and widespread response. People entered the contest by sending an SMS code contained within the lid of a Cornetto ice cream.

Cornetto enjoyed a substantial increase in sales, and generated lasting good will for their brand. Social media supporting the brand skyrocketed.