Aviad® is the world’s oldest and best-known Aerial Media Brand

Aviad Company

With nearly 6 decades of experience. We have pioneered every major improvement in airborne advertising: huge banner sizes, super lightweight substrates, digital printing, carbonfundlogoFlightCert® GPS tracking, multi-national service, and carbon reduction.

Our company has the depth of experience, tools, and talent to carry your aerial media program from inception to completion.


Aviad’s in-house production and flight facilities give us complete control over each and every aspect of aerial media programs, so that clients are assured of perfect implementation. And, our FlightCert® GPS tracking system provides clients with real-time access, enabling advertisers to track their flying messages, right from their desktop.

Founded in 1953 by pilot and aviation entrepreneur, Harley Mansfield, the company has grown from a local business to serving the world.



With flight operations all over the globe, we have both local knowledge and worldwide experience. From aerial banner flights at the Jersey Shore, to Skywriting over Malibu, a promotion at the Cote D’ Azur, or a special event at an African Safari, Aviad can handle it all. Call or e-mail our knowledgeable staff to find our how easily we can “bring your ads to life.”




To protect communities from noise and to enhance safety, Aviad® created the industry-leading Aerial Media Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct defines industry standards, good operational policies, and best practices for Aerial Media operations.

Aviad® Commitment to clients and community: The Aerial Media Code of Conduct.


Aviad® won the “Good Friend of the Year Award”  for work in aerial media operations safety from the US Federal Aviation Administration.