Costs for Aerial Media programs are based on your specific needs and target markets. We design each and every program to best suit our clients’ needs and budgets. With over 6 decades of experience all across America and beyond, we know the best venues and times to reach your audience and achieve the best ROI.

Rates for Aerial Media programs consist of 2 elements:  First the Aerial banner production, and then the flight time.

Costs for production start as low as $250 for a simple text message and go up from there depending upon the style and size of the banner and the number of units.

Flight Costs are based on your specific needs and target markets, Please send an inquiry for a custom quote for both production and flying.

We recommend that you choose your desired  style from our ‘Choose your style page”. The lowest cost will be for Sky-Text banners, and then going on up through Super Skyboards® and Heli banners. Skywriting is priced separately – see the Skywriting page.

Text letter banners are made up from our “alphabet soup” of stock letters, flown and then reused for the next customer. Each block letter is a cutout, 7 feet high by 3&1/2 feet wide and black in color for maximum legibility.. Maximum number of characters varies by market.

Logos and Skyboard® banners are digitally printed on special ultra lightweight materials developed by Aviad specifically for aerial use.  Aviad uses proprietary methods of tilting and rigging Skyboard® banners for best viewing and minimal flutter in-flight. We charge to apply your design to one of our flying structures. The structure is maintained by Aviad for the length of the contract. After the flight program is over, we recycle the materials in accordance with the Code of Conduct.