5-miles long + 3,000 foot tall letters

The sky is your message canvas. Giant 5-mile long messages written in white vapor. Flown by Aviad’s skilled pilots at 10,000 feet, or two miles above ground. There is little that can measure up to the attention drawn by these 3,000 foot tall letters. That’s 60 times taller than the HOLLYWOOD sign! Visible for 15 miles in any direction, affording more than 700 square miles of geographic exposure to fascinated viewers.

During the X-Games, Aviad’s message in the sky for Etnie shoes “STEP UP” was televised to a worldwide audience measuring over 12 million viewers.

Aviad’s team of skilled Skywriting pilots have been honored world wide. The Island of Madeira invited Aviad to participate in the opening of their new international airport, Chinese artist Niu Bo engaged Aviad to fulfill his dreams in the skies over New York, and Aviad CEO/President Wayne Mansfield was featured at the Venice Italy Biennale Art Festival as a featured Sky artist. Closer to home, Aviad was engaged by renowned artist Vik Muniz to draw his “Cloud-Cloud” installation in the skies over NYC, San Diego, and Miami.

How long does it last? The eternal question… It depends upon the weather on the day. Thermal activity  – vertical air currents are the deciding factor. Our photos are good representations of what to expect in good conditions.

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