Super Skyboard

AERIAL BANNER – Up to 40′ HIGH x 120′ WIDE


This height/width ratio maintains integrity of the 3 to 1 billboard ratio so that your standard outdoor display may be replicated.

Good option for flights over cities, or for more complex images. Sizes to 40’ by 120’ and 50’ by 100.’ Many bespoke options. Available sizes vary by country.

You supply the artwork and we do the rest

Production Specs

Skyboard® banners are produced on a special ultra lightweight substrate developed by Aviad ®for this specific use. Because the material is so thin, ambient light serves to make the Skyboard® “self illuminating.”
The specs below apply to a single sided panel. Panels can be custom sized to fit the artwork. As a general guide, a Skyboard® 30’ high by 90’ wide (Height/width ratio) maintains the integrity of 1 to 3 billboard ratio. We recommend that all lettering be at least 5 feet tall. Large, bold lettering and strong colors are always a good choice. Once printed, we assemble the aerial media and fly your advertising message per the timetable and locations you specify.


Please provide only the files and support documents that are needed to complete your project. We use Hightail, formerly YouSendit to transfer files.

We accept files from the following programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator (Mac)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Mac/PC)
  • Freehand (Mac)
  • Adobe InDesign (Mac)

Layout Scale

A scale of 1 inch = 1 f00t @ 100 DPI is best for all graphic images. Please be certain that you create outlines on all fonts in vector graphics. No Bleed is needed, as the entire area is live.


Please contact us for a quote on your project.